How to play

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Based on the definitions of the 22 Major Arcanum of the Tarot of Marseilles, The Sofaïa Key invites you to become your own seer through an introspective journey.

The game works like an oracle that reveals the underlying desires & motivations, the known & unknown fears, as well as one’s true needs regarding an issue in order to consciously find the best probable outcome.

The Sofaïa Key is a tarot game containing four easy steps: SUBJECT, WORRIES, NEEDS & CONCLUSION

Start by thinking about your question or concern, whether professional, emotional or spiritual. When ready, click PLAY & enjoy.

The Steps are the following in each of the 3 sections (SUBJECT, WORRIES, NEEDS):

Cards will appear face down - click on a card from the deck. A Tarot card will appear as well as 10 questions.

Choose the questions that resonates the most with you.

Click on continue & follow the same process in steps 2 & 3.

Finally, read Sofaïa’s conclusion.


What is the subject of your inquiry?

This section will make your query more precise.


What are you worried about?

This section reveals the conscious or unconscious fears that hinder your process.


What would you choose to do?

This section disclose your true needs regarding your question.


Sofaïa gives you her insight & wisdom on your subject!

Sofaïa's advice & guidance are based on the cards & the questions you have chosen.

Even if your inquiry is about a professional or emotional issue, Sofaïa advices you to read the Spiritual section as well because it will enlightened & reinforce aspects of yourself perhaps you hadn’t considered.

You may always consult The Sofaïa Key even without a specific question. Sofaïa will always give you her insight about yourself.

Let yourself be guided by Sofaïa and your inner wisdom!